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Earlier this month I attended a Beverly Hills screening of an exciting documentary called “Who Does She Think She Is?” which profiled several female artists, including renowned author Riane Eisler, the Guerrilla Girls, Japanese artist Mayumi Oda (currently living and working in Hawaii), sacred drummer Layne Redmond (who I’ve personally studied with), and Taos artist Maye Torres.


Directed by Pamela T. Boll, the film touched on the challenging issues some female artists have to face on a daily basis; juggling the challenges of a family vs. their need to work and express themselves through their art, handling the demands of a relationship, and dealing with the art world, which has traditionally and still continues to disregard/disparage most female artists and their work.

“Who Does She Think She Is?” didn’t offer any pat answers or quick, ready-made solutions, but it definitely left me rooting for the women it profiled and thinking about how I, as an artist, fit in.  I can’t imagine going through what some of those artists endure, on a daily basis, just to make their art.  And yet, this documentary is also uplifting and inspiring.  I highly recommend that everyone see it, artist or not.

“Who Does She Think She Is?” is currently screening all over the country, so if you’d like to catch it in your city, your best bet is to sign up on their mailing list, and they will keep you informed of its schedule.  You can also view a trailer of the film and visit their blog, here.  In addition, a DVD is expected to be released soon.

I loved this film, not only because it touched on the above issues, but also because it included musicians and writers and dancers from many traditions. And I am always in awe by what we, as women, have to put up with, but, somehow, we just keep on going, no matter what.  Such is the enduring, eternal strength of the female sex.

Is this a “feminist” film?  I think it’s probably a matter of opinion; nevertheless, the women in the film will make you smile and make you cry.  Go see it!

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