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As an artist, I try to take poetic license every time I paint, or speak, or sing…..this is the moment when I get to be totally and completely free.  I can be wild, or silly, slapdash or clumsy, and get away with it!  So, while I’m creating, I give myself glorious permission to just “let it all hang out.”

So, yeah, well, that’s the easy part, but what about the rest of my life? How much poetic license have I truly granted my Self?

Arcangel of the Real World ©2009 WildGoddess

Archangel of the Real World ©2009 WildGoddess

Have we, as creative beings expressing ourselves, truly given ourselves free rein in every moment?  Permission to be free, to dance and to sing, to scream and cry, or just be still – all of the time, or only when we’re working at our craft?   Right now I’m wondering if that frustrating challenge known as a “creative block” might happen simply because we are not free enough with ourselves in our day-to-day existence.

For example, I sometimes catch myself being concerned with “fitting in,” even to the clothing I choose to wear on a particular day.  Or I’ll be out shopping, and catch myself thinking,  “Well, I can’t buy those shoes because even though I LOVE the color, they’re just TOO bright, and I don’t want to attract too much attention. People might stare at me.”

Here’s another example: once in a while I want to try a great new restaurant, or go out to hear some jazz, but then I’ll think, “But I can’t go by myself!  Oh, no, people might look at me funny, I’d feel self-conscious.” Give me a break!

Now, these are just examples of my own neuroses, and yours might be totally different.  But I do sense that limiting my personal self-expression just has to translate in a negative way with the freedom of my creativity.  So then I have to honestly ask myself, “How free do I truly feel when I’m expressing?  Or am I holding myself back, just a little – letting that judgmental, critical voice inside of myself whisper in my ear?”

Watercolor ©2009 WildGoddess

Watercolor ©2009 WildGoddess

From time to time I actually do go out by myself to hear music or dine out, and most of the time, it’s been okay, even a little fun. I don’t think there are any limits to our imagination, except what we have placed upon ourselves.  And as artists, it’s important to feel as free as possible in our daily lives, so that our innate creativity can express itself freely and effortlessly through us. We have to love ourselves enough to honor whatever it takes to give us that sense of poetic license. After all, we’re always creating all of the time, even while we’re asleep, so why not maximize our efforts?

Begin by taking a clear-eyed look at your life; it is your divine creation, and it can look any way you want it to. No one owns you, but you.  Therefore I advocate making your whole life a creative expression, that simply and beautifully reflects out to the world who you really are.  Be free to be yourself. And once you accomplish this, I bet your art will also reflect your inner freedom, your wonderful self-integration.

This is the goal I’m working towards – taking more poetic license with my whole life.  Wish me luck and I’ll do the same for you. After all, we’re all in this together!

If you’re interested in exploring more of your Self, go here daily.  And now, I leave you with another beautiful song by Francis Cabrel.

Francis Cabrel – C’ était l’Hiver

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While listening to Francis Cabrel, one of my favorite songwriters from France, I set to working with Photoshop, and this is the result:

Oracle of the Cavern ©2009 WildGoddess

Indwelling Oracle of the Sacred Cave ©2009 WildGoddess

I find that there’s nothing more inspiring for me while working on my art than when I’m listening to plain old good music while I’m doing it.  It always seems to work together somehow – jammin’ sound uplifts and encourages me and keeps my creative juices flowing fast. Hopefully, it’s reciprocal – the artwork I or another artist create may someday inspire those who write and/or perform music as well.

What do I like to listen to? My taste in music runs all over the place!  I listen to jazz, reggaeton, pop, world music, country, Brazilian, Afro-Latin, hip-hop, classical, experimental – and on and on and on.  I’m a singer/songwriter myself, so I always love listening to other songwriters, especially guitarists like Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews – oh boy, there’s just no limit there!

Grove of the Sacred Tortoise ©2009 WildGoddess

Grove of the Sacred Tortoise ©2009 WildGoddess 22" x 22" Digital print

Now I gotta go all “mystical” on you again!  I have also been doing mantra chanting for the last six months, and I have experienced a marked improvement in most aspects of my life, including my creativity.

I began the practice out of a desire to grow in my spirituality, and hopefully improve more tangible needs, such as finances, etc., but I’ve experienced some surprising improvements in areas I would have never expected, including how I “see” as an artist.  I sense a difference in my artwork, too – what do you think?

At first it takes some discipline; I chant every morning and evening for about 20 minutes, but after the first 30 days, the chanting became easier to do and began to feel soothing and more “comfortable,” for lack of a better word.

If you’d like to learn more about mantra chanting, go here and here.  I highly recommend it.

And now, enjoy this video by my beloved Francis Cabrel:

“Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerai”


All photos, artwork and writing on “The Secret WildGoddess” blog by WildGoddess are protected under copyright ©2003-2009 WildGoddess, and cannot be copied, distributed or reprinted without written permission from the artist.  If you would like to use something from this blog, contact WildGoddess to obtain her permission in advance.  Thank you for your consideration.

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The Spring Goddess ©2009 WildGoddess

The Spring Goddess ©2009 WildGoddess

Isn’t She gorgeous?  I’m currently working on a whole series of these sacred portraits, and when they’re ready,  I’ll have prints available for sale in my WildGoddess Arts Etsy store.


All photos, artwork and writing on “The Secret WildGoddess” blog by WildGoddess are protected under copyright ©2003-2009 WildGoddess, and cannot be copied, distributed or reprinted without written permission from the artist.  If you would like to use something from this blog, contact WildGoddess to obtain her permission in advance.  Thank you for your consideration.

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The Moon Goddess - 14"x 20"  ©2009 WildGoddess

The Moon Goddess - ©2009 WildGoddess

I just completed this commission for my girlfriend, who requested a shamanic portrait with her power animal, Raven.  It was a delight and an honor to create a piece for this warm, open-hearted healer.  Here’s to you, Kaja – I love you!

If you’d like to see more of my custom work, visit my Etsy shop.  I love Etsy; I just got a request to design my first book cover – whoopee!  And don’t forget to read about the materials I used in creating my artwork.  They include the following: “… blood, sweat, vision, intention, imagination.”

The Guardian, Raven ©2009 WildGoddess

"The Guardian, Raven" ©2009 WildGoddess

I’d also like to thank the “Found Handmade” blog for featuring my “The Guardian, Raven” giclee print in their latest post. I appreciate it!  This print is also available for sale in my Etsy Shop – so, go get it! : )

Talk to you soon!


All photos, artwork and writing on “The Secret WildGoddess” blog by WildGoddess are protected under copyright ©2003-2009 WildGoddess, and cannot be copied, distributed or reprinted without written permission from the artist.  If you would like to use something from this blog, contact WildGoddess to obtain her permission in advance.  Thank you for your consideration.

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"The Sad Girl" ©2009 WildGoddess

"The Sad Girl" ©2009 WildGoddess. Acrylic, Ink, Wood-8.5"x11"

I had fun creating this “remix” collage!  (I call it a “remix” because it contains a found image.)  I layered handmade papers embossed with silver.  This piece is evocative of another time or place, perhaps, Victorian?  It wasn’t intentional, and perhaps that’s a good thing!

Creating artwork should must be enjoyable.  Long ago I discarded that outmoded idea that one should “suffer” for their art. Still, from time to time, I have to remind myself to just let go and play.  ‘Cause when I do decide to let go and have fun with no obvious intention in mind, the most satisfying artwork usually results – what I call “the work of my heart.”  So sometimes I’ll just turn off the self-judgment and throw stuff around on a canvas just for the simple fun of it (and whoopee! it IS fun!)

Below is one of those works, “The Green Angel.”  I layered modeling paste onto fiberboard, and after it dried, I just looked at it for a few days to see if something would emerge.  Sometimes I can see something right away, and sometimes it takes awhile, but sooner or later, something will emerge; it just takes a little patience.

The Green Angel ©2009 WildGoddess

The Green Angel ©2009 WildGoddess 17"x22" - acrylic on fiberboard

Sure enough, after a week, in this piece I envisioned a kneeling angel with wings, and just took it from there. (For some strange reason, I tend to see a lot of “angels” when I work this way….)

Let’s face it; our lives are usually so controlled day by day, hour by hour, but know that the work of our heart doesn’t have to be, unless we allow it.  So I’m urging you to just let go every once in a while, throw the whole kitchen sink at your work, and see what happens!

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"Raven" - 18" x 16" by WildGoddess ©2009

"Raven" - 18" x 16" by WildGoddess ©2009

Above is one of my depictions of a shaman’s Power Animal.  In most shamanic traditions, a practicing shaman usually has at least one power animal that guides and protects the shaman as she/he moves between worlds to do their healing work on behalf of a client.

For some unexplained reason, a raven or a crow tend to be one of the more popular power animals.  Maybe they have a mysterious or mystical quality?  After all, one of spirituality’s paradoxes is that there can be no light without the darkness.  Never forget that, folks!

How can you determine if you have a power animal?  Most of us do; simply look around when you’re outside and begin to notice what animals tend to hang around you.  Or possibly you have dreamed about an animal several times.  Or you’ve always had an unusual attraction to a particular animal.

Nevertheless, supposedly if you begin to call on your animal, sacred teachings say that it will begin to appear more often to you, especially in cases where you may be feeling unsafe, insecure, or frightened.  It is a guardian, it is a guide through the darkness into the light.

Calling on your power animal means to wake up and pay attention; begin to look for its presence everywhere you go and in everything you do.  Your power animal might appear in a book you’re reading, or on the label of a carton, on a piece of your favorite jewelry, or in a poster on your living room wall – who knows?  And if you’re a person who prays or meditates, you can call it forth during those sessions.

However you might choose to invite your power animal into your life, allow the Mystery to reveal new truths to you. Invite it into your life and watch it begin to shine!

Next time I’ll talk about the power of honoring our ancestors, something the Western World should definitely pay a lot more attention to.  Blessings, ya’ll!

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"St. Grace" by WildGoddess 2006

"Gentle Mari Grace" by WildGoddess 2006

I recently made the acquaintance of a very gentle and aware person who, for whatever reason, has the ability to help me shift my spiritual viewpoint. My willingness to be totally present with him is taking me full circle; I’m able to take another long look at all of those doubts, fears, and yes, even awarenesses that I inadvertently tucked away in a hidden place of my consciousness. I’m forced to face myself (again!).

Because of this man’s openness, kindness and unbounded enthusiasm to explore the totality of himself, he has reawakened that deep desire in me. He is helping me to re-discover my self. And even though we have become great friends, I also see him as a great teacher, for he teaches me by example.

It’s a wonderful discovery to recognize the teachers in your life; those who have come to shake you awake! A so-called enemy could be a teacher for you, showing you how to stand up for yourself and value yourself. A husband or child or an employer could also play a role in teaching you about who you really are (or showing you who you are really NOT!)

I invite you to look around and discover those individuals in your life who are offering to you this greatest of gifts.

On another note, I was quite surprised to receive a rather astute compliment about my artwork from a talented artist named Aaron at my “Tribe of Mari” art/photography blog.  Comments are always appreciated, so, thank you, Aaron!

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