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I think there is nothing more magical than softly glowing lights on a soft, summer night, and this remarkable work of art truly serves as a beautiful example.

This stunning work of art is a solar night garden at the Light in Jerusalem Festival at Gan Habonim (Migdal David, Jerusalem Citadel).

The Solar Night Garden at night.

The Solar Night Garden in the evening.


This stunning work of art was created in cooperation with Israel Electric Corporation to demonstrate the importance and beauty of alternative energy in protecting the environment. Powered entirely by solar energy, the flowers are charged by sunlight during the day and illuminated through energy-saving LED lights at night.


The Solar Night Garden at daytime

Alas, this lovely solar night garden is no longer; the exhibit ended June 16, 2009, but thank goodness for the pictures that remain. They stand as a beautiful reminder that eco-conservation can be magical and beautiful.

Artists do indeed have the power to heal the world, so let’s create our own solar-powered night garden!

More pictures can be seen here. (via O*GE Interactive Gallery)


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