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Check out this amazing experience, which took place last March in the Central Station in Antwerp.  I love the looks on the faces of the commuters as this delightful surprise shifted their routine for just one magical moment.  I guarantee it’ll make you smile, too!

“More than 200 dancers were performing their version of “Do Re Mi” in the Central Station of Antwerp.”

Via Studio Wellspring.

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"Breakthrough" - ©2007 WildGoddess

"Breakthrough" - 11" x 17" - ©2007 WildGoddess

What keeps me hooked on doing digital artwork is the surprise element; you never know what you’re going to get!  And also because I love the craft of doing it.  I enjoy losing myself in the actual production; it’s like playtime, so, that’s where the true pleasure lies for me.

So I sometimes forget to mention that all of my artwork is for sale!  All WildGoddess giclee prints are printed out on archival watercolor paper, using archival inks. And I *humbly* have to say, my artwork is truly stunning when giclee-printed!

If you would like a giclee print of anything you see on this blog,  just contact me directly, or through my Etsy Store.  I also do commissioned digital art portraits; yes, I am at your service!  ‘Nuff said!


All photos, artwork and writing on the L’Artisana WildGoddess blog by WildGoddess is protected under by copyright ©2003-2009 WildGoddess, and cannot be copied, distributed or reprinted without written permission from the artist.  If you would like to use something from this blog, contact me to obtain my permission in advance.  Thank you for your consideration.

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