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I’m having a great ol’ time slapping some of my sketches into Photoshop, playing around and seeing the magic of what results. Experimentation is key! For example, here’s one from my sketchbook:

Sketch ©2009 WildGoddess

Sketch ©2009 WildGoddess

And….this is what I’ve done with it using good ol’ Photoshop:

The Dreaming Man (version 1) ©2009 WildGoddess

The Dreaming Man (ver. 1) ©2009 WildGoddess

The Dreaming Man (ver.2) ©2009 WildGoddess

The Dreaming Man (ver.2) ©2009 WildGoddess

The texture I used on this sketch came from “Wide Open, a Creativity Notebook and Card Set” by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts, but you can easily make your own.  I take my Pentax with me everywhere and photograph anything that I think would look great layered over a sketch. There’s certainly lots of goodies out there on the streets, that’s for sure! Just keep your eyes open and use a little imagination. (You can also lots of cool textures for free, online.)

Once you find a texture that you want to use, open up Photoshop, and layer it over your sketch. Then playtime begins!  Have fun with your PS brushes, mix up those blending modes and: Voila!

I swear I never tire of Photoshop.  That’s why it’s Photoshop-a-Go-Go, baby – Whoo-Hoo!

By the way, these two prints will be for sale as giclees on archival watercolor paper and also as WildGoddess T-shirts in my Etsy store soon.  T-shirts are a first for me, but I know I want one, so, here goes!


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