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The Moon Goddess - 14"x 20"  ©2009 WildGoddess

The Moon Goddess - ©2009 WildGoddess

I just completed this commission for my girlfriend, who requested a shamanic portrait with her power animal, Raven.  It was a delight and an honor to create a piece for this warm, open-hearted healer.  Here’s to you, Kaja – I love you!

If you’d like to see more of my custom work, visit my Etsy shop.  I love Etsy; I just got a request to design my first book cover – whoopee!  And don’t forget to read about the materials I used in creating my artwork.  They include the following: “… blood, sweat, vision, intention, imagination.”

The Guardian, Raven ©2009 WildGoddess

"The Guardian, Raven" ©2009 WildGoddess

I’d also like to thank the “Found Handmade” blog for featuring my “The Guardian, Raven” giclee print in their latest post. I appreciate it!  This print is also available for sale in my Etsy Shop – so, go get it! : )

Talk to you soon!


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"Raven" - 18" x 16" by WildGoddess ©2009

"Raven" - 18" x 16" by WildGoddess ©2009

Above is one of my depictions of a shaman’s Power Animal.  In most shamanic traditions, a practicing shaman usually has at least one power animal that guides and protects the shaman as she/he moves between worlds to do their healing work on behalf of a client.

For some unexplained reason, a raven or a crow tend to be one of the more popular power animals.  Maybe they have a mysterious or mystical quality?  After all, one of spirituality’s paradoxes is that there can be no light without the darkness.  Never forget that, folks!

How can you determine if you have a power animal?  Most of us do; simply look around when you’re outside and begin to notice what animals tend to hang around you.  Or possibly you have dreamed about an animal several times.  Or you’ve always had an unusual attraction to a particular animal.

Nevertheless, supposedly if you begin to call on your animal, sacred teachings say that it will begin to appear more often to you, especially in cases where you may be feeling unsafe, insecure, or frightened.  It is a guardian, it is a guide through the darkness into the light.

Calling on your power animal means to wake up and pay attention; begin to look for its presence everywhere you go and in everything you do.  Your power animal might appear in a book you’re reading, or on the label of a carton, on a piece of your favorite jewelry, or in a poster on your living room wall – who knows?  And if you’re a person who prays or meditates, you can call it forth during those sessions.

However you might choose to invite your power animal into your life, allow the Mystery to reveal new truths to you. Invite it into your life and watch it begin to shine!

Next time I’ll talk about the power of honoring our ancestors, something the Western World should definitely pay a lot more attention to.  Blessings, ya’ll!

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