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As an artist, I try to take poetic license every time I paint, or speak, or sing…..this is the moment when I get to be totally and completely free.  I can be wild, or silly, slapdash or clumsy, and get away with it!  So, while I’m creating, I give myself glorious permission to just “let it all hang out.”

So, yeah, well, that’s the easy part, but what about the rest of my life? How much poetic license have I truly granted my Self?

Arcangel of the Real World ©2009 WildGoddess

Archangel of the Real World ©2009 WildGoddess

Have we, as creative beings expressing ourselves, truly given ourselves free rein in every moment?  Permission to be free, to dance and to sing, to scream and cry, or just be still – all of the time, or only when we’re working at our craft?   Right now I’m wondering if that frustrating challenge known as a “creative block” might happen simply because we are not free enough with ourselves in our day-to-day existence.

For example, I sometimes catch myself being concerned with “fitting in,” even to the clothing I choose to wear on a particular day.  Or I’ll be out shopping, and catch myself thinking,  “Well, I can’t buy those shoes because even though I LOVE the color, they’re just TOO bright, and I don’t want to attract too much attention. People might stare at me.”

Here’s another example: once in a while I want to try a great new restaurant, or go out to hear some jazz, but then I’ll think, “But I can’t go by myself!  Oh, no, people might look at me funny, I’d feel self-conscious.” Give me a break!

Now, these are just examples of my own neuroses, and yours might be totally different.  But I do sense that limiting my personal self-expression just has to translate in a negative way with the freedom of my creativity.  So then I have to honestly ask myself, “How free do I truly feel when I’m expressing?  Or am I holding myself back, just a little – letting that judgmental, critical voice inside of myself whisper in my ear?”

Watercolor ©2009 WildGoddess

Watercolor ©2009 WildGoddess

From time to time I actually do go out by myself to hear music or dine out, and most of the time, it’s been okay, even a little fun. I don’t think there are any limits to our imagination, except what we have placed upon ourselves.  And as artists, it’s important to feel as free as possible in our daily lives, so that our innate creativity can express itself freely and effortlessly through us. We have to love ourselves enough to honor whatever it takes to give us that sense of poetic license. After all, we’re always creating all of the time, even while we’re asleep, so why not maximize our efforts?

Begin by taking a clear-eyed look at your life; it is your divine creation, and it can look any way you want it to. No one owns you, but you.  Therefore I advocate making your whole life a creative expression, that simply and beautifully reflects out to the world who you really are.  Be free to be yourself. And once you accomplish this, I bet your art will also reflect your inner freedom, your wonderful self-integration.

This is the goal I’m working towards – taking more poetic license with my whole life.  Wish me luck and I’ll do the same for you. After all, we’re all in this together!

If you’re interested in exploring more of your Self, go here daily.  And now, I leave you with another beautiful song by Francis Cabrel.

Francis Cabrel – C’ était l’Hiver

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I found this amazing artwork via Tokyobling.  It’s a magical castle completely made of paper, exhibited on the ocean!


The exhibition is called Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean).  It was created by Wataru Itou, an art student in Tokyo, and it took him four years!  (That’s dedication!)


Waturo’s commitment to his art should be inspirational for all of us artists. I know I’m speechless!  Go here to read and see more pictures about this remarkable work of art.

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When I first saw Cedric Smith’s paintings, they left me breathless.  This highly creative Savannah artist and photographer creates works that are reminiscent of old, classic billboards and signs, yet they literally burst with political and sociological meaning and allegory.

Cedric Smith with one of his artworks

Cedric Smith with one of his artworks

You see, in my opinion, America’s past with it’s black citizens hasn’t yet been healed in the hearts of those whose ancestors suffered underneath the lash, and in the hearts of those unnamed persons who participated in slavery in either a positive or negative way.  And even within more recent times, there is a rich, rich gumbo of African-American history still waiting to be mined.  I sense there are so many untold, hidden stories yet to be told that we need to hear, so many unknown ancestors lost forever, so many unshed tears held in so long they’ve become concrete . . there is so much more to be uncovered and revealed to the light of day via the creative expressions of art, music, dance, and the printed word.

As an artist I long to participate, I open my heart as much as I can to hopefully catch just a wisp of my ancestors’ voices, whispering, whispering to me . .

"Kool Aid" - 48" x 36"  ©Cedric Smith

"Kool Aid" - 48" x 36" ©Cedric Smith

Yet I feel that Cedric Smith, in his own unique way, is doing that. He’s offering to every one of us an opportunity to re-discover a moment in time in African-American history – what it felt like, what it smelled like and, most importantly, what it meant to those disenfranchised individuals who lived during those times.  Go there.

 "Be", 36" x 36", mixed medium on canvas  ©Cedric Smith

"Be", 36" x 36", mixed medium on canvas ©Cedric Smith

I invite you to visit Cedric Smith’s website and check out all of his stunning artwork.  And then, think about your ancestors, how they lived, what they endured and what legacy they left you.  What can you add to their legacy – as an artist, as a person of this culture and this world?  What will your legacy be?

You can also visit Cedric Smith’s blog, “Vintage Blood” here.


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