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You Go, Girl!   Photo ©Reuters

You Go, Girl! Photo ©Reuters

I’m a hardcore “Obama Mama” and make no apologies about it!  And I just love this photo of Michelle Obama taken during last month’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.  It speaks to me, “Yeah, girl, we can do it!”  (Plus her dress was gorgeous!)

It’s now the wallpaper on my cell phone.

Even her handsome husband, the President of the United States made a cute little joke during the dinner about the First Lady’s shapely upper arms.  And the evening’s performer, comedian Wanda Sykes, cracked quite a few controversial jokes, but the one that tickled me the most was this one:

“How dare you people give her grief about showing her arms. The country’s broke! Sleeves cost money!”

To read more about the event, go here.

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Yes He Can!

Oh, no, You Didn't! Oh, Yes he Did! (Photo: The Huffington Post)

This blog is not going to be only about politics, folks, but please bear with me for a while – these are important times that must be documented!

We now have a new President-Elect and First Lady – the brilliant, brilliant Barack Obama and his accomplished wife, Michelle. This is pure Destiny at work, and I, for one, am absolutely over-the-moon – not just for myself and all Americans, but also for all of my Black and Native American ancestors – glory, glory day!

Now we will see positive change come to our country, after decades of neglect.  Yes, glory days have now arrived in our society, and an Age of Humanism will replace the previous Age of Greed. (Of note: the name “Barack” means “one who is blessed” in Swahili…..)

Out of all of the moments during this history-making event, the one that moved me the most (not counting Mr. Obama’s inspiring acceptance speech in Grant Park), was when he and his wife visited the White House to meet with the Bushes.  I don’t know if you knew this, but slaves built the White House – every brick, stone and mortar. And now, two hundred and eight years after the fact (why did it take so long), a brilliant black man is climbing up those same stairs to enter it as the President-Elect.

I wonder what his thoughts were…..and then on top of that, Mrs. Obama wore screamin’ Red!  To the White House!  That color says so much to me – I remember when I was a child, my mother wouldn’t let us girls wear that color, because she said it made our skin look too dark (that was a long time ago, folks!)  Well, Michelle Obama certainly meant some serious business when she wore Red to the White House – You Go, Michelle! Wear It!

The Obamas at the White House - Nov. 10, 2008

The Obamas at the White House - Nov. 10, 2008

I never fully bought into the so-called “American Dream,” because sadly, I finally realized that it really was for the lucky or privileged few who either had a lot of discretionary income to play with, or were in the right place at the right time.  Many, many black Americans, like my parents, literally worked their fingers to the bone for themselves and their families for years and years, to no avail.

However, for the first time since Martin Luther King, there is Hope.  I find both Mr. and Mrs. Obama inspiring, because now I, and other Americans have an new ideal to look up to; a new dream to aspire to.  If they did it, then, really, just maybe, we can, too!

So I raise my glass to Barack Obama; I am behind him one hundred percent! (and Oprah, I thank you as well, for steppin’ up behind the brother like you did with your support!)

Camelot, 1963

The Kennedys at the "Camelot" White House, 1963 (AP Photo/FILE)

When you have a chance, go check out The Huffington Post – they’ve posted a great story called “Bamelot, A New Style For The White House” (A clever title – it’s a play on the Kennedys’ “Camelot White House.”)

p.s.  I promise to post some exciting new artwork soon – here.

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